The Vaskebjørn fly ( Raccoon )

The Vaskebjørn fly is a very popular Norwegian sea trout fly and it was born in the middle of the 90’s as a hybrid between some other famous sea trout flies, This pattern is a good imitation of a beach shrimp or a small baitfish and will fish very good year along.

The man behind the Vaskebjørn fly is Christian Schanche and it has been tied in many different color combinations since. Yellow and green fluorescent color combination is very popular in Denmark and Sweden. The original Vaskebjørn is an incredible fly with its red trigger spots in the rear and the head, the lively hackle fibers makes a lot of movement when you retrieve the fly.

The Vaskebjørn fly in Yellow fluorescent color combination

Tying materials:

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 #4
Eyes: Chainbeads black medium
Tail: Speyhackel grizzly and Krystal flash
Back part: Red fluorescent dubbing
Front part: UV Ice Dub Pearl
Hackle: Speyhackel grizzly

Step by step seatrout fly tying tutorials are available on my Youtube Channel.

The original Vaskebjørn fly color combination

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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