The orange and white Jiggy fly

The Jiggy fly is one of my absolute favorite flies and i use this fly when i see bait fish in the water from 6 degrees and warmer. I tie it in an open loop and use long pulls and often very fast!

The Orange and white version is very good, but I tie it in versions in Blue, brown, black, white and red. I would recommend that you try to tie one grizzly feather on etch side to!

The white Jiggy fly with grizzly feather on etch side

Tying materials:

Hook: Ahrex NS 256 #6
Eyes: Fluorescent 3D eyes
Tail: Orange and white bucktail and Krystal flash
Front part: Cone head size small and UV glue

Step by step seatrout fly tying tutorials are available on my Youtube Channel.

The orange and white Jiggy fly for sea trout

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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