The Candy Shrimp a sea trout magnet

An easy-to-tie shrimp imitation that is ideal for all species that eat shrimp on inshore waters.

The Scandinavian shrimp flies for sea trout have gotten more and more life-like and more and more realistic, but  this is a light impression of a shrimp and can be adapted to different looks by a simple change of colors. I absolutely love this pattern and it works very well in winter time or early spring. I have caught many Seatrouts on this shrimp fly and I guess you will to, so try it!

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 #4
Eyes: Chainbeads black medium
Tail: Yellow fluorescent dubbing
Front part: Pearl green hue
Hackle: Speyhackel pink fluorescent

Step by step seatrout fly tying tutorials are available on my Youtube Channel.

The Candy shrimp fly for sea trout

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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