My winter flies for sea trout

Guess well!

Yes you reading right. To find the right fly is nothing more than a guessing game, of course you have to know about what the sea trout is eating and the location you are fishing. This is not easy and thats why hiring a guide in unfamiliar water can be your best investment. The best guides and anglers have the right knowledge and they are guessing right most of the time.

The elimination process is something I use and when you guess right you will be rewarded in the end. In this blogpost I am going to show you 5 flies that am going to use on my trip to Møn in Denmark this weekend.

Kobberbassen (amphipod) #8

A fly that has it`s own fan club on Facebook and a is really god winter fly. Kobberbassen imitates a amphipod and matches the sea trout`s natural supply of food, and when I am fishing with two flies I use this fly as my dropper fly.

Vinterloppa (amphipod) #8

The winter amphipod is a fly that has given me a lot of nice sea trouts. It is very effective on shallow waters, easy to trow and hooks very well. My second choice as a dropper fly.

Vaskebjørn (raccoon) #6

The Vaskebjørn fly is one of my favorites and it`s a hybrid fly that can imitate a baitfish or a shrimp. This is a perfect all-rounder fly which can be fished slow and fast. You can find this fly in many different patterns and colors. I use the original red and the chartreuse green color combination on my vaskebjørn Fly.

Orange UV Shrimp #4

If you want a bit large fly on the end of your leader, then the orange UV shrimps is a fly you should try. I retrieve the fly with fast stripping and followed by a long stop! The sea trout just love this fly and I fish it in very shallow water.

The Mulkkis (Glimmerrejen) #6

This fly has produced numerous amounts of sea trout in the past years. I was introduced to this fly when i was hunting for sea trout in Finland and I`ve had it in my fly box ever since. I personally think it is a unique pink shrimp fly.

Preparing for a perfect fishing trip in the winter is not as easy as you may think. There are various different things you want to take into account. This weekend I am going to Møn in Denmark, and the weather forecast shows that we are going to get a lot of wind. The wind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. As I wrote in my first blog post I am looking forward to write about my trip to Denmark in my next blogpost. Now you have some information about which flies I am going to use and I hope you also guess right on your next fishing trip.

Your Sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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