My sea trout leaders, and YES I use tippet rings!

Polyleaders for single handed rods.

Yes I use polyleader also called versileader for my single handed rods. I think polyleaders are a great tool that allows me to adapt to a wide range of conditions. With my tippet ring I have a setup that works for me when I’m hunting for sea trout.

If I’m not mistaken polyleader were developed by Airflo in the UK, and was made to help with casting turnover. Polyleader is designed on the same principle as a fly line consisting of a poly outer layer and a nylon core. Built in is an integrated loop in the butt section , which allow it to be rapidly changed according to the conditions and depth you want to present your fly. Durable with low memory and a built- in shock absorption it can be used with for example a floating fly line to allow it to be fished deeper quickly without the need for swapping the entire fly line. They come in different lengths and in various sink rates for different type of fishing. If you want to find the right polyleader for your fly rod and your type of fishing, then I recommend contacting your local fly fishing store. You can also buy them online, but I recommend that you check with your local fly fishing store so you don’t get the wrong polyleader. Unfortunately I see a lot of people who is fishing with wrong polyleaders. I use the intermediate polyleader and tie the end to my tippet ring. My fly line is a full intermediate fly line. Then I tie on my tippet material of my choice and we are ready to fish.

Why I use tippet rings ? ( Pizenbauerringerl )

The tippet rings was invented by Edgar Pizenbauer and named “pizenbauerringerl”. If you are using polyleader, store-bought tapered leaders or hand tie your own leader I personally think you should be using tippet rings. If your not familiar with them, tippet rings are tiny metal rings.

Instead of attaching your tippet directly to the midsection of the leader, the tippet ring serves as the junction between your tippet material and your leader.

Of course you can connect the tippet material to the midsection with a loop knot to change the tip easy and fast, but do you want to fish with two flies “a dropper fly” then you must change your setup completely. Tippet rings gives me the opportunity to change my setup faster and easier.

I use the intermediate polyleader and tie the end of the leader to my 3 mm tippet ring. Then I tie on my tippet material and we are ready to fish. When I am fishing with a dropper fly I tie it to the tippet ring and it is so easy. I use the clinch knot, but you can use the knot of your own choice. Many of you buy store-bought tapered leader, so instead of shopping that leader up and quickly needing to buy a new one, you can modify your leader with a tippet ring and make it last for a long time. You only have to change your tippet material. How about that 🙂

How I rig my leader with two flies

Make your own tapered leader ” the right way “

Before I switched to polyleader and tipped rings, I made my tapered leader for sea trout in three parts in total 3 meters 10″(feet) When you build your own leaders, you have control over the construction, taper and performance. The advantage is that you can customize the formula for specialized situations. Here you have a simple formula and a model to consistently assemble leaders that work in your hunt for sea trout. I use three sections of different diameters. A butt, midsection and a tippet. Begin with 150 cm of 0,52 mm for the butt section, next 80 cm of 0,39 mm midsection, and finally 70 cm of 0,26 mm of tippet material. I think it is important to use the same type of material (mono or fluorocarbon) I personally prefer to use fluorocarbon, and I feel that fluorocarbon is stiffer, and easier to untangle when that happens. Some might say that you should use the same brand for all leader sections because they can vary in diameter and stiffens. I personally haven’t had any problems using materials from different manufacturers. When it comes to the knots I use the blood knot to connect the sections together. To connect the butt section to the fly line I use the loop knot.

  • Butt section 150 cm of 0,52 mm
  • Midsection section 80 cm of 0,39 mm
  • Tippet section 70 cm of 0,26 mm

If you have any questions about my sea trout leader setup, feel free to contact me.

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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