My first Blog Post and my first Sea Trout

Hi and welcome to my new blog and my first blog post. It all started when I was 9 years old and where on a family holiday in Denmark. On the cost of Møn I met fishing guide Werner Larsen and he guided fly fishers on the hunt for the silver of the sea. I convinced him to hire me as his helper and we guided and fished together for three months each summer for eight years.

When I am at the coast of Møn in Denmark I always look out over the sea and think of him and everything he has taught me. He has provided me with a life-long experience and opportunity to gain knowledge and passion for this sport. I learn guiding and watch other anglers catch their first or largest sea trout. I have learned to appreciate the nature and that you might go out fly-fishing and get noting, but that doesn’t mean it was not enjoyable or worthwhile.  I am in no way an expert in fly-casting or fly-fishing but I’m learning every day and hope this journey will bring me many new friends and new experiences. I caught my first sea trout when I was 9 years old and I have to be honest, it was on Werner`s fly rod. I fought like a warrior for 25 minutes to reel the beautiful sea trout in. I will remember that day for the rest of my life. The fish was not weighed or measured because Werner wanted me to remember the experience and not the size of the fish. What is certain is that we had a fantastic meal together.

I’m starting this blog as a diary of my fly fishing trips and you can except to read about sea trout fishing along the coast, fly fishing in rivers, shearing fishing techniques and fishing spots, fly tying techniques and patterns, but my main goal is to inspire and hopefully help someone. You will find things I have study and practice daily on this platform and please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I will put out more content there in the future. In collaboration with various fishing lodges and fishing guides I can offer you and your friends fly-fishing expedition in Scandinavia, Iceland and Austria. So you are more then welcome to contact me and we can plan your next fly-fishing trip! Now I live in the east part of Norway and spend most of my time hunting for sea trout in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. My family is from Iceland, so I have contacts and knowledge of the rivers and relationship with the some local river keepers on Iceland. I’m going to Iceland for two weeks next summer and have available places if anyone wants to join ?. We will be fishing for sea trout and brown trout in some amazing rivers and on the beautiful coast line.

Fly fishing in Austrian rivers

In 2012 I went on at trip to Vorarlberg in Austria and had the pleasure of meting fly fishing guide Franz Fraisl. A man with over 35 years experience in fly fishing, and a man that have travelled all over the world with his fly rod. Since 2012 Franz and I have fished together and we are looking forward to offer fly fishing trips to Iceland, Austria and sea trout fishing in Scandinavia. We will offer guided fly fishing trips in all price ranges. It doesn’t have to be expensive to experience new fishing spots! I’m really looking forward to be writing blog post from and about the locations we can offer! Please contact me if you have any questions or want more information. I strongly recommend that you tune inn to Franz new website that is released inn first quarter in 2020. 

My Fly rod setup.

At the moment I’m using a Greys GR70 Salt powerlux 9ft 7wt fly rod. This rod is a fully salt-water safe rod and works perfectly for my hunt after big sea trout. I am using the Greys Gts 800 reel that is constructed of bar stock 6061 aluminium and features a rulon disc drag system.  When it comes to the fly line I have chosen the full intermediate line from Scientific angler and the sonar titan. The full intermediate fly line is designed to manhandle even large flies, and with its intermediate density, it allows you to fish your fly line just below the surface. “Right where they need to be”. Personally I think it fits the rod perfectly. I tie my own fly-fishing leader and tying them your self allows you to customize it to match the conditions you find yourself in and the size of your fly. I will show you how I tie my leaders in a later blog post.  There are a wide variety of flies you can use when it comes to catching sea trout. I learned fly tying from Werner Larsen and I still tie the old patterns from some of his favourite flies, and even after 26 years they still works! I will make a blog post whit my favorite flies and which countries, conditions and time of year I use them in.

I’m already looking forward to write my next blog post! I will take you to where it all started for me ,and of course its Møn in Denmark! I have planned a trip between Christmas and New Year and hopefully we will catch some nice sea trout. 

Thank you for reading my first blog post and feel free to contact me.

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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