Fly fishing with a guide, alone or with friends

Some of us like to fish alone so we can enjoy the freedom to go wherever we want, fish however we want, and take in the sounds of the sea or the river. What are the benefits of fishing alone ? Or is it better to be two or more fishing together ?

As a part-time sea trout guide I’m used to fishing with other people and it has given me many new experiences and new friends. As an angler I enjoy being alone on the water, but some of my best memories I have is fishing with other people. When we fish together we share our experiences, and it is at good opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I believe that there are many reasons to fish with friends or other people, and a valuable resource for you as an angler. In this blog post I will right about my view on this topic.

As a new fly fisher

Guiding and fishing with people who have no or little experience with fly fishing is something i like. They are curious and look at the situation in a completely different way and they end up teaching me a thing or two as well. The way they are trying to solve the challenge of catching a fish on the fly is inspiring, as you now two people approaching one challenge is never the same. You have to go through some obstacles when landing your first fish and learn from your mistakes. My job as your guide is not to prevent you from making mistakes, but to put yourself in a position to make mistakes and learn from them. If you go to a fitness center, your personal trainer will encourage you to perform exercises until you fail and are unable to do more. This is to make you better equipped for your next workout. On that same note, if you are not a great caster, your guide should work to get you close to the fish. It does neither of you any good for the guide to put you in an angling situation for which you’re not prepared for. Being a guide is not just about bringing your clients to the fish. A good guide is also a teacher, a problem-solver, a storyteller, and a cheerleader. Every person will struggle a good while out on the water or the river, especially, when you’re learning alone. I know this because that’s how I learned to fish. As a new fly fisher I recommend that you go fishing with a guide or someone you know who has some experience.

Experienced fly fisher

Its true that experienced anglers learn a lot from other experienced anglers. You can never know everything, and you can’t try everything. However,  listening to others failures and success is a shortcut through success. To watch an experienced fly fisherman or woman is like watching an artist in motion. You can see that it has taken years to perfect their skills. Experience fly fishers are often fishing alone but when they are fishing together they can get really good results. Good fishing often happens in pairs and you can cover a larger area like a bay or a fjord. Even if you are an experienced fly fisher it is important to have a mentor or someone you can learn from. My mentor is Franz Fraisl from Austria and he has many years experience with fly fishing. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to learn from him and I am sure he is learning something from me as well. This year we have planned many fishing trips together and we look forward to guide many new and experienced fly fishers in Austria, Norway and Iceland.

Fly fishing Memories

We all have some great fly fishing memories and it is something special about sharing those memories with a friend or a fellow fly fisher. If you are waiting for the spring the good memories can help you through the long winter. We all have been sitting at the tying bench cranking out flies and letting our mind wander back to a trophy fish or something funny that happened. I have my best memories when fishing with someone and it often becomes a conversation topic when we meet.

Shearing fishing spots

Everyone has their favorite spot, but do you share it with others or do you keep it to yourself? I personally think we should help those that are new to fly fishing that need all the help and encouragement they can get on their first catch or fishing experience. I like to share my favorite spots, but which conditions, water temperature, wind and time of year is something I feel you have to explore yourself. It is important that we do not serve everything on a silver platter so our friends can create their own experiences. It’s no secret that you will get top conditions for sea trout fishing and fly fishing in Norway. We are spoiled of choices with secluded fjords, rivers, and streams. A Norwegian fishing adventure is a good option if you’re on a budget, so if you would like more information then just contact me HER or Franz at We are happy to assist you with planning a fly fishing trip to Norway.

Video and photographs

Filming or taking a picture of a trophy fish can be a challenge if you are fishing alone. It requires a little more planning and who doesn’t like to have a photo or two of them with a beautiful fish in their hand, or in the water? Photographs help me relive moments and when I’m fishing with a friend it provides easier access to these kinds of pictures. You can see my photos at my Instagram account and some small movies at my Youtube Channel. Franz and I will make some Vlog movies from our fly fishing trips this year and that’s something we’re looking forward to.


When you are alone in the woods or far away from civilization its good to have another person around. Bad stuff can happen when you are fishing alone and it is important that you take your precautions when it comes to safety. Fishing alone isn’t too bad if you let people know where you’re going to be and maybe a time frame of when you’ll be back. When planning a fishing trip it is important that you bring enough food and water, as well as warm clothes. If you don’t need it, you may meet someone who does. My wading staff is my best friend when am wading and hunting for sea trout alone. You can loose balance or slip on a stone and then it can be dangerously serious, especially now that we have winter here in Norway. The best safety you can have is fishing with someone if anything should happen, But don’t be afraid to go fishing alone.

However you do it

Whatever you choose to share the sea or the river with friends or fish alone , fishing with a guide or friends helps us grow, learn and gain experience in fly fishing. Hire a guide or take a friend fishing, or meet at new friend down by the sea or the river. I am sure that you wont regret it in the long run!   

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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    1. Danke dafür dass du mein beitrag gelesen hast und Interesse zeigen.
      Es ist wahr dass keine ist ausgelernt wenn es om Meerforelle angeln geht.
      Mein Kollege und freund, Franz Fraisl und ich teilen gerne unsere wissen über dieses teama mit dir
      und hoffen das du lust hat einmal nach Norwegen zu kommen.
      Herzlichen Grüßen Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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