Fly fishing trip to Denmark

Finally the day was her, and I was going to Møn i Denmark where everything started for me as a fly fisher. I had planned this trip for six weeks and the only thing that could stop me was bad weather.

Before I go on a fly fishing trip I always tend to observe the weather, as I believe most fly fishers do. This day the weather gods were not with me and strong winds seemed to ruin my planned trip. In such situations it is important not to be disappointed but to rather see the possibilities that Denmark has to offer. I have been fishing in Denmark for over 15 years, so after studying the weather forecast I decided to go to the bay of Faxe. Faxe Bay is the name of a bay at the western end of the Baltic Sea, situated between the peninsula of Stevns on Zealand to the north, and the island of Møn to the south. It is a proven fact that even trout from the Jutland rivers pulls towards the brackish Baltic Sea off the coast of Stevns and Møn to grow big and shiny. Faxe bay is right in the middle and it could not be more ideal ?

For me as a sea trout hunter, Faxe bay is the most obvious sea trout biotope. The salt content is perfect, and you have many small spawning streams both in the bay, in the Præstø fjord and all over the area south in Faxe. It is a shallow bay that heats up quickly and it is not far to the deeper water off Stevns. If you are a regular on Møn or Stevns then you should visit Faxe Bay during the winter time. Faxe bay is a big area so in this blog post I will highlight some places I hunt for sea trout in the winter months.


Feddet is a peninsula between Præstø fjord and Faxse bay and has about 10 km coastline with varying depth curves all around. I would recommend the southernmost part of the peninsula. There are often some big sea trout in the direction toward the three wind turbines.


Rødvig lies where Stevns Cliff ends, with a small sandy bay that goes on to a reef off the lighthouse in Rødvig Harbor. Don’t forget to take a few casts along the sandy edge towards the bay.


Fællesskov is a very interesting coastal stretch south of Rødvig. Here you have a gravel and rocky bottom with a mixture of large stones, seaweed and sand. Here you will also find a real hot spot in two long reefs and some smaller ones, as well as a few stone areas. There is a good chance of large sea trout throughout the whole stretch.


Troldhøje is one of the most well-known coastal sites in the bay of Faxe. From the edge of the forest and south you can fish on a nearly two kilometer stretch of cliff coast that looks like a mini version of Møn. This is a place you should try in the winter months.

These are some of the places I wanted to highlight and there are many more in the bay you can explored in 2020. To see more of Faxe Bay I have posted a small movie on my youtube channel Goflyfishing. If you want more information then you are more than welcome to contact me. Sometimes things do not go as planned and then it is good that we fly fishermen are always positive and just see solutions and not the problems. Now it`s time go home to Norway where January will hopefully provide many good fly fishing trips. I wish you a happy New Year.

Your sincerely Karl Johan Cava Machnik

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