Sea Trout Fishing i January

Winter to some fly fishers means putting away the fishing gear and wait for the spring. For me as a sea trout hunter it means that I have to dress for the weather, and it may be a bit cold and windy, but there are fish to be caught even in January. This January its been cold, warm and windy and in this condition you really have to travel around to find the sea trout. In this blog post I will give you some tips where to find the sea trout in different conditions.

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My winter flies for sea trout

Guess well!

Yes you reading right. To find the right fly is nothing more than a guessing game, of course you have to know about what the sea trout is eating and the location you are fishing. This is not easy and thats why hiring a guide in unfamiliar water can be your best investment. The best guides and anglers have the right knowledge and they are guessing right most of the time.

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My first Blog Post and my first Sea Trout

Hi and welcome to my new blog and my first blog post. It all started when I was 9 years old and where on a family holiday in Denmark. On the cost of Møn I met fishing guide Werner Larsen and he guided fly fishers on the hunt for the silver of the sea. I convinced him to hire me as his helper and we guided and fished together for three months each summer for eight years.

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